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Maglev America


Advanced 2nd Generation Superconducting Maglev solutions for 21st Century surface transportation and beyond.

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MAPS Maglev Power Storage


it will prevent large-scale blackouts by making the electrical grid a lot more stable.

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The design and concept of operations of emergency command centers.

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What People are Saying

I have known Doug for nearly 15 years in various capacities at SAIC and beyond; he has supported our business by always providing impactful, innovative and cost-effective graphcis, animation and web based productions. He is highly-skilled with a masterful confluence of original artistic instincts, and aptitude to manage complex engineering designs and technical constructs. He is of the same DNA that made companies like Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic what they are today. I would happily engage Doug's professional services on any creative, high-risk project as we have done over the past many years. He has proven to deliver original, exciting and exceptional work products on the shortest of deadliens and for our toughest clients and conditions."


Robert J. Coullahan, CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHS-V, President at Readiness Resource Group

Doug inspired me to reach for things I did not know could be mine. He was a great mentor and I am where I am today due to his guidance. He is an excellent graphic artist who has high standards within the industry in which he works.


Thomas Houck, Graphic Artist / Designer at M.C. Dean, Inc.

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Mr. Rike, Industrial Designer with over 30 years of experience in engineering design, technical illustrations, and providing conceptual design for IR&D, proposal , trade shows, and marketing.